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Thesis, Here I come!

2012 is going to be a banner year for my research! I will be able to dedicate myself to it full-time starting in April, which is like a dream come true. To get ready for that, I've set myself some goals for the first three months of the year, while I am still working.

LQPL Goals:

  • January - Document new separated View and Controller interfaces for the new "server" type emulator.
  • January - Write tests in HUnit (or SmallCheck or QuickCheck) as part of the development of this server and client interface
  • January - Actually write the code!
  • January - Have Grover's Algorithm working as before.
  • February - Write a new HCAR entry
Inverse Categories Research Goals:

  • February - Review and update the proofs on lifting inverse product to a product and the equivalence proof
  • March - Beef up Inverse Co-Product paper
  • March - Get Inverse Products paper ready for submission to TAC
Other (things to support research):
  • Make physical fitness a habit.
  • Catch up on reading
  • Present something (Likely on reversible computing and linear logic)

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