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Some of Washington's Wonders

So, while down visiting my sister here in the sunny state of Washington (No kidding - the weather is fantastic), I heard on the news that 16% of the drivers here are uninsured. I find that simply a manifestation of insanity. How can people tolerate this? What's more, how can they tolerate a government that does nothing about it? Apparently the fine for no insurance is a paltry $250. My god!

In Alberta, where I drive, you can't renew your license without proof that you are insured. In fact the penalty for even trying is a court appearance. I'm sure there are some drivers that let their insurance lapse, but in a recent thanksgiving blitz, only 13 drivers were found to be uninsured out of over 2000 infractions! We have some hefty fines if you fail to produce an insurance card and if you repeat offend, your license will be suspended.

But possibly what is more interesting is that our culture in Canada tends to make it unthinkable to even consider driving with no insurance. See for instance the PDF of uninsured drivers estimates at http://www.ircweb.org/News/20060628.pdf.

But enough shaking my head negatively in wonder, let's take a look at the Ferries! Fantastic items man. I'm currently sitting on the Kingston - Edmonds ferry (Near the start of the line - yay!) and what a cool thing. On top of that, I'm able to connect via their wireless network and post this little item - again - major coolness. BC Ferries just don't seem to compare.

Well - maybe not so cool. It is one of those pay for access plans. Guess I'll post later.

On a final note - what's with all the ColdFusion pages in government sites? Don't they know how to write JSP?
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